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Community Groups are a principal way for us at Trinity to get connected with others in Spiritual Friendships—relationships that form out of a desire to know God deeper and understand what it means to follow Jesus in community.  Our groups are scattered across the city and usually meet on a weekly basis in people’s homes where the group spends time discussing the sermon from the previous Sunday and praying for one another.  We have “open” groups at Trinity which means that you can join anytime as the groups run from August to May.  Our groups will be similar in substance and differ in style, so we encourage you to try out a few groups and find one that feels like the best fit for you. To visit a group, contact the leader of the group from the list below that you are interested in attending. For further questions about the ministry or to learn about our leadership training process, email Brad Mauldin, our Community Groups Pastor.

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Note: Most Groups begin the week of August 15! Check with leader for start date. Locations are approximate and not actual address. Contact leader for address and more info.

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Title Category Address Description
Westside Women's Group 33.779923722215, -84.42100457847118 1st & 3rd Tuesdays at 7:30pm, beginning Tuesday, November 1. Lead bu Corrie Madlem & Sarah Lightcap.
Contact Corrie.
Westside Mom’s Park & Play Group 33.816451,-84.420662 Fridays at Beaverbrook Park at 10am. Led by Lucy Parks & Grace Lewis
Contact Grace
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West Midtown 33.891348259631926, -84.4533620774746 Sundays (Except the 1st of each month) at 6:30PM
Led by Joe & Alex Garrigan / Katy Thompson
Email Katy
Vinings 33.866480, -84.464984 2nd and 4th Sundays at 5:30 PM
Terry and Teri Shilling
Contact Terry
Upper Westside & Smyrna 33.86607271523532,-84.48863446712494 1st Sunday of the month at 7:30pm
Focus: Family w/ young children (no childcare provided) Led by Todd and Rebekah Coons
Contact Rebekah
Smyrna 33.88794499825173, -84.51404571533203 Wednesdays (except for 1st Wed. of the Month) at 7:30PM
Led by Sara Curtis & Bill Reed
Contact Sara
Smyrna 33.879108, -84.513834 2nd Thursdays at 6:30PM
Led by Millie Wamsted / Christine Cown
Contact Millie
Riverside 33.82479361826487, -84.47113037109375 Wednesdays (except for 1st Wed. of month) at 7PM
Led by Jim Woodard, Margo Edwards & Chinedu Ezeamuzie
Contact Jim
Oakhurst 33.759903, -84.304198 Wednesdays (except 1st Wed of month) at 7:30PM
Led by Daniel & Jennifer Frilingos
Contact Jennifer
North Buckhead / Sandy Springs 33.917723,-84.367447 Wednesdays (except 1st Wed. of the Month) at 7:30PM
Led by Stuart & Amanda Cheatwood / Brian & Courtney Crump
Contact Amanda
North Brookhaven 33.878933548468545, -84.35422629117966 Tuesdays (Except the 1st Tues. of the Month) at 6:30PM
Led by Johnny & Amy Winkle / Paul & Sarah Kennedy
Contact Sarah
Morningside / Virginia Highlands 33.7988177,-84.3542012 Wednesdays at 7:30pm (except 1st Wed. of the month) Led by James & Elise Knicely / Amy & Erik Trum Contact Amy
Midtown / Atlantic Station 33.78818518932843,-84.39686503261328 2nd and 4th Wednesdays at 7:30PM
Led by Trey Clark & Russell Apple
Contact Trey
Men's Group 33.83557547366328, -84.30886728689075 Wednesdays (Every other week begninning August 17) at 8pm. Led by Brendan Tolleson & Josh Baker
Contact Josh
Marietta 33.930827,-84.580994 Wednesdays at 7pm except for the 1st Wednesday of every month
Led by Larry & Nan Martin / Phyllis & Joel Brue / Ted & Becky Nelson
Email Nan
Marietta 33.930827,-84.580994 Wednesdays at 7pm Led by Jordan & Jenny Wallace / Max & Amy Prince
Contact Max
Kennesaw / Acworth 34.043557,-84.654465 Thursdays (Men meet 1st & 3rd Thursdays & Women meet 2nd & 4th Thursdays) at 7:30PM (Beginning August 25th)
Led by Emily & Aaron Siller / Brad & Kathleen Tallent
Contact Kathleen
Howell Station 33.78391034812657, -84.42435130476952 Wednesdays at 7:30PM (Except for the 1st Wed. of the Month)
Led by Than and Lauren Hunter
Email Than
Hapeville 33.66664,-84.409332 Wednesdays (except 1st Wed. of the month) at 7:30PM
Led by Roslyn & Chris Lamb
Contact Roslyn
Grant Park / Reynoldstown 33.750892,-84.357491 Thursdays (except 1st Thurs. of the month) at 7:30PM
Led by Casey Parker / Brian Tanner Call 706.344.2861 Contact Casey
Grant Park 33.73833,-84.36573 Wednesdays (except 1st Wed. of the month) at 7:30PM
Led by Emily Stephens / Margaret Wright / Michael Mullins
Contact Emily
Grant Park 33.739753677488, -84.36938848346472 Mondays at 7:30pm Led by John & Pam Pitt
Contact John. Focus: Reading through “The Good & Beautiful” series by James Bryan Smith
Eastside Women's Group 33.76250646196419, -84.3057332932949 2nd & 4th Tuesdays at 7:30pm Led by Brittany Brown & Ashley Melton
Contact Brittany
Eastside Mom's Park & Play Group 33.775920189484786, -84.29766520857811 Fridays at various park locations beginning at 10am. Led by Audrey Thompson & Ashley Rollins Contact Ashley
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Eastside Mom's Group (Oakhurst) 33.76059657418862,-84.30221557617182 Thursdays at 9:30am-11:00 am (Beginning on September 8th)
Led by Laura Hughes / Beth Brewer / Sara Weathersby Contact Laura
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East Lake 33.817699,-84.42358 Wednesdays at 7PM
Led by David & Kari Sizemore
Family friendly
Contact David
Decatur/East Lake 33.756424330398076, -84.29397314786911 Thursdays (Except the first Thurs. of the Month) at 7:30PM
Led by Robbie & Kelly Harris / Zach & Hannah Jones
Email Robbie
Decatur 33.77965117803163, -84.30186688899994 Wednesdays (Except 1st Wed. of the Month) at 7:30PM
Led by David & Kathleen Roth / Kelcie Landon
Email Kelcie
Chamblee 33.884097,-84.303589 Wednesdays (except 1st Wed. of month) at 7PM
Led by Chris & Orlena Encinas / Cathy Martin
Contact Orlena
Artists' Group 33.791346,-84.355345 West Midtown Thursdays (2nd & 4th of the month) at 6:30PM
Led by Erin & Bryan Sintos
Focus: Open to all artists & creatives
Contact Erin
Adams Crossing / Riverside 33.814169,-84.454308 Wednesdays (2nd & 4th of each month) at 7:30pm
Led by Kathleen & Stuart Lawder / David & Tanya Gordon
Contact Tanya