Members' Meetings

March 2017 Meeting

Here is a recap of the March 17th meeting.

July 2016

Member Meeting Recap from July 27th, 2016. View here.

February 2016 Meeting

Audio Listen to Part 1: Click here. Listen to Part 2: Click here. Slides Lay Council & Finance Team Slide 1: Click here. Influence Slide 1: Click here. Influence Slide 2: Click here. Influence Slide 3: Click here. Influence Slide 4: Click here. Influence Slide 5: Click here. Influence Slide 6: Click here. Influence Slide […]

November 2015 Meeting

We had great turnout for the Member and New Building Info Meetings. It was exciting to have our community in the new building and share the vision for the future of our Westside location.If you weren’t able to make it out, we are including the links to the audio and slides below.  Please listen to […]

June 2015 Meeting

First Half (Listen to audio) Welcome, Devotional & Updates: Kris McDaniel – 0:00 Volunteering: Planning Center – Ginny Fielder – 16:18 View Slide 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 Influence: Updates & Job Posting – Brad Mauldin – 22:13 View Slide 1, 2, 3 Formation: Pre-Marriage Mentoring Video – Gareth Allcott – 32:47 (See video) Second Half (Listen to audio) Westside New Building – Matt Yoder […]

February 2015 Meeting

First Half Welcome, Devotional & Staff Updates: Kris McDaniel (Part 1) Community: Testimony – Erika Mahone (Part 2) Fellows Program – Brad Mauldin (Part 3) Denomination Update – Kris McDaniel (Part 4) Formation Update – Gareth Allcott (Part 5 See Slides Below) Second Half Child Baptism & Blessings – Kris McDaniel (Part 6) Kids & […]

October 2014 Meeting

Ministry Updates Welcome (Part 1) Youth Ministry – Brad Mauldin & Kevin Cown (Part 2) Formation – Gareth Allcott (Part 3) Missions Giving – Brad Mauldin (Part 4) Attendance & Growth – Matt Yoder (Part 5) Celebrating the Eastside Parish Discussion of 1st 2 Sundays – Ashley Mathews (Part 5, 9:30) Photo Sharing & Maps (Eastside: Map/Pictures) Kids – Ashley & Beth […]

June 2014 Meeting

Here is a recap of the meeting from Wednesday, June 11. Thanks to all who attended. Matt Yoder: Growth & Financial Updates Growth updates – 1st half: 4:26 Financial report – 1st half: 12:21 Brad Mauldin: Community & Influence Reporting Partnerships sharing – 1st half: 15:54 Community/Moms Groups – 1st half: 23:14 Fellows Program – […]

February 2014 Meeting

Matt Yoder shares on prayer teams, staff updates, and a financial report. Kris McDaniel shares updates on Lazarus & the Vine City church plant. An overview of Trinity School was given by Ashley Mathews followed by denomination reporting from Kris McDaniel. Matt Yoder talked about how the 4th service has been going in the first […]

November 2013 Meeting

Matt Yoder shared some staff updates to start and then Kris McDaniel spoke on three areas of development; a fourth service addition, an east side parish and the prospects of a new building. Listen to talk: Part 1   Part 2 Click for slides: Growth Options   Historical Attendance   3 Year Attendance   Kids Attendance   […]